Accounting and Planning to a Tax Audit

A tax audit is often not something that businesses find pleasant. This can happen in either a partial or full audit at

If you are notified by an auditor that your business has been subject to an audit, you will receive information about which sections of your tax return will have to be examined. This will enable you to gather the necessary documents. It is also up to you whether to choose to be represented yourself, or to hire a professional tax advisor. It is important to seek out an expert who knows the intricacies of tax law if you don’t know much about it. If you want to represent yourself but run into problems during the audit, the taxpayer Bill of Rights permits you to request that the audit be suspended until you consult with an accountant or tax attorney. Professional representation can cost money, but will guarantee that your audit is completed efficiently and saves time, stress, money and money.

To support important business areas that you reported on the tax return, all documentation must be available. Start with income. All bank statements and deposit records regarding the income that you reported will be reviewed. Also, sales records and any other official accounting records. The IRS will require documentation to prove that you have received gifts, received valuables, received inheritances, and received goods or services in exchange for cash. This could lead to taxable income from the IRS.

Your accounting for business indebtedness will also be scrutinized. When preparing your tax return, you can compare expenses like receipts, bank and card statements, canceled checks and bank statements. We will pay special attention to any business losses or debts, charitable contributions and travel, meal, entertainment, and other expenses. These expenses must be documented accurately to prove that they are legitimate.

Since interest on business loans cannot be deducted, financial records can be compared with bank records and other financial documents to verify that money borrowed was actually used in business.