Prospecting by Sluice Boxes – Consider trying this because of the high gold prices today

As we get older, hobbies become more common. Is it possible to make real money from your hobbies? Here’s a hobby that may inspire you to get out and enjoy the great outdoors, as well as make you some serious cash from gold price today.

Sluicebox prospecting is a great way for you to spend some quality time. They are light and portable, so they can be used wherever you find a river.

Because they’re not powered-driven, they don’t cause damage to the environment. There is no need for them to have gasoline or smoke, so there is no reason to transport it.

The first step to taking up this hobby is knowing how gold is found in the river or creek. This was a question which I have been asking for a long time. How did it happen?

Gold is very heavy. In fact, gold is the heavyest metal. A single gold bar weighs about 42 pounds. How did it reach the stream? Good question.

As it flows towards the ocean, a stream may appear calm. It can change from a quiet stream to a torrent when there is heavy rain or spring thaw. If the channel is at its full flood, stand nearby and you will see rocks and boulders rolling along it.

Every once in so many years the creek will have what is called a once-in-every-500-year flood. This is what hydrologists investigate before allowing development to take place in mountainous or hilly regions. Massive boulders and stones may be carried with them during floods.

Not only are rocks carried along, but gold too. Being heavier than other materials, it will soon sink to the bottom. There are riffles wherever water flows. Rocks, rocks and gravel bars, bridgefootings, tree stumps, and curves in a creek. There are irregularities in the water that can lead to riffles even when it flows through culverts and canals. The most lucrative area for prospectors is located in the riffles.