5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Web-Based Church Management Software

Church Management Software Systems (ChMS) or CMS, must often be installed directly to your church’s computer. These church management products have been in use for a long period of time church helper. However, online ChMS products are far more popular. It is possible that your church is still using a local computer-hosted version of church management software. You may wonder why you would want to change to a web-based ChMS. Our current system works fine. Here are five compelling arguments to upgrade to a web-based CHMS

Accessible from anywhere – Your church will be able to access the web-based ChMS anytime, any time. You can now ask volunteers to help with data entry. However, they won’t need to be present at the church in order to complete their volunteer roles. They can login from anywhere that they have Internet access. You can even log on to your web-based ChMS from anywhere you go to search for the contact information of church members. The best part is that your old ChMS computer will be able to go to the shooting range. You’ve wanted to do that for years, but you must admit.

2) Data Reliability – What happens if your church computer that houses your old CHMS crashes? What happens if the hard drive is damaged and you cannot retrieve all of your member data. It is possible that your church has a policy regarding backups. But what if someone does not follow the policy? These worries can be eliminated by moving to an online church management system. Your provider of ChMS has redundant backups. It is in the company’s best interests to protect your data and ensure nothing happens.

Social Media Integration – Although social media integration was not a common term in 2005, many people don’t know it today. What did I find on my 2012 mission trip to Guatemala? Everyone in my town had Facebook accounts. My mother, now in her 80s is a regular user of social media. Your new online church management system will allow you to connect with the most popular social networks and enable your church communicate with your community like no other. While not all web-based ChMS providers offer this service, the best ones do.

4) Smartphones, tablets and smartphones – Smartphones and tablets are now more powerful than the computers that sent astronauts to the Moon in 1969. It’s no surprise that everyone is glued to their small screens. These devices are used to make phone calls, bank transactions, and watch movies. Because churches are in the redemption business, every church should attempt to redeem the technology wonders. You can do it with an online ChMS software. A web-based church management system allows your church to use smartphones and tablets for effective ministry.

5) Affordability- All these benefits can seem expensive, right? Some ChMS companies are able to and do charge quite a bit for their online products. Some companies charge more than others. In reality, the price you pay to access your online ChMS is not the same as the old adage “You get what it costs.” That old saying is no longer relevant in today’s modern world. Think about how many value-added apps for 99 cents can bring to your daily life. ChMS companies do not have to increase their prices because of technological advancements and accessibility.