The technical advantages of metal roof cladding

You should choose metal roofing cladding if you have to put a roof on a newly built home or replace an old roof. Metal offers many technical advantages over traditional materials, such as asphalt or wood. Visit our website and learn more about

These are some technical advantages to metal roof cladding…

Metal is very light in mass

A concrete roof can weigh 10 lbs per sq. foot and asphalt 5 lbs, but metal cladding is lighter than asphalt roofs. It only weighs 1 lb/sq. foot. You will experience less stress and load on your home or business structure. Depending on the size of your roof, you may need fewer columns or beams. A metal roof can also be installed on an older home that has been too weak to support heavy roofs.

Extreme Weather Resistance

Metal roof cladding resists extreme Canadian weather, such as rain and snow. It can also withstand high temperatures and constant exposure to sunlight. It can also withstand very high winds of up 110 miles an hour, while wood shingles can only withstand winds at 60 miles an hour. Asphalt can withstand winds as high as 70 miles an hour.

Metal roofs are very efficient in energy efficiency and can reduce cooling costs by up to 40%. This means that you will see a return on your initial investment within a few days. Insulation can make a significant difference in cooling and heating costs. Asphalt shingles can absorb radiant heat which can increase cooling requirements.

Metal roofs can also be fire-resistant with a Class A rating. This means they will not support combustion or burning unlike asphalt or wood, which are combustible substances.

There are many Protective and Aesthetic Coatings

Galvanized steel, which includes a zinc coating, is one option. Galvannealed, on the other hand, has a zinc and iron alloy coating. Aluminum roof cladding is also available. This aluminum-zinc-alloy coating is made with a hot dip process and it contains 55 percent aluminum.

You can also find metal cladding in over 20 different colors. These are made using polymer coating paints which are baked on the metal. This guarantees a very long lifespan, excellent aesthetic appeal and a high resistance against fading and chipping.