If I Were Satan: Medicine and Religion From Hell

You are Satan with the goal of destroying as many lives possible. What two institutions can you attack to ruin more lives than wars or pure disasters? If you are new to this sacred and life-changing medicine and how it can help you, you can check it out on dieta be diet

Stage 1: Medicine

If I were Satan I might seize the medical market and make it mine. I don’t know what other institutions could do more harm.

I would go into schools related to health to instruct the students on how to treat disorders and symptoms.

I would instruct health care students that chronic illness might be a natural manifestation. I disclaim any relationship between ailment, one’s spiritual condition, or the two.

I might develop chemical medicine with fatal side effects. Then, I would tell professional medical students that my drugs are the only ones they should use to treat their patients’ disease signs. I would inform students that natural medicines can be dangerous and not to be trusted for treatment.

I would search for greedy men that care less about the health and well-being others, and then set up a drug corporation to make unwell people healthy. I may make public my medication on television, so that people will be able to ask their doctors for them.

I would get completely natural human conditions like acid reflux, hormonal imbalances sinus infections, hypertension digestive disorders, osteoporosis and diabetes. I might find other uses for my medicine.

Personally, I believe that it is important to be knowledgeable when discussing medical conditions. So people will begin to think their whole body isn’t trustworthy. I would personally use words such as heart attack and spastic colon.

As a result, clients might believe they have been diagnosed with a specific disease by an analysis. However, all they actually received was a diagnosis with a name. This can lead to it appearing that a doctor has discovered a condition. People may be “diagnosed”, just in time to decide if they want to try a new drug.

Next, I’d use the govt of man to protect my health and drug business. I would set up a Foods and Drug Administration and use that to block citizens from any form of serious healing. I would use the Food & Drug Administration to my advantage, making it illegal to make any overall health claims that do not have scientific support. I’d also personally order the scientists and clinicians who publish results of studies, so they are in my favor.

My agents might refuse to look into claims that link vaccines with disease or death.

Period Two: Church

If I was Satan, I could fill churches with pastors telling people that God cannot heal the sick. I would personally request that these pastors teach that all healing must be immediate to be considered a miracle.

I disguised the original meanings “heal” (and “save”) as recorded in the Bible. The whole of their legitimate meanings is not recognized.

I have concerns about being ridiculed and persecuted in communities, while church leaders are taught that God actively intervenes in this particular bodily complete world.

I don’t believe God can heal people who have the mark of His Spirit or the title of His Son.

My induced sickles and sicknesses will gradually be overcome by very minimal spiritual and expert resistance. Patients will be more likely to believe in clinical information than they are in the God who is information.

So, I can kill many many people because a lot more people regard the word and recommend of medical doctors and preachers.